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19 october / 2020

Press Release on the situation in agricultural sphere in Russia in 2020

Despite the recent developments, Russian agriculture shows positive trends in 2020. The harvest rate and crop yield figures are significantly higher than last year. The grain harvest is expected to exceed 125 million tonnes.

Agricultural producers have been provided with the seed which they need. Prices on the mineral fertilizer market are stable. Moreover, Rosagroleasing will supply at least 9 thousand units of equipment worth 0.5 billion US dollars.

In 2020, almost 1,3 billion US dollars were allocated to the regions as direct financial assistance to farmers. To carry out seasonal work in 2020, Rosselkhozbank and Sberbank alone issued 6.5 billion US dollars in loans, which is almost a quarter more than last year.

The agro-industrial complex is more than just agricultural output and food, it is also the rural people employed in this industry. To improve their quality of life, since 2020 the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation has been implementing the state programme Comprehensive Development of Rural Areas. It will comprise of 132 projects this year in landscaping, construction and renovation of social buildings. As a result, 361 new buildings will become available, including schools, kindergartens and cultural centres, as well as medical and sports facilities.

Over 833 kilometres of gas distribution lines and over 733 kilometres of water supply lines will become operational in 2020. In addition, almost 690 kilometres of roads will be built or renovated.

The rural housing mortgage programme enjoys high popularity and has already been used by over 24 thousand people with the amount of outstanding loans nearing 0.6 billion US dollars.

While providing the country’s population with sufficient amounts of produce, our farmers have been taking on foreign markets as well. The demand for domestic agricultural produce is growing, partly because of its high quality. In 2020, Russia plans to export about $25 billion worth of produce with import substitution plans also continuing. Russia has a package of measures for the development of foreign trade. Despite the pandemic, in 2020 it has opened new markets for 18 commodities of Russian origin. In all, our products will be delivered to 160 countries.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation
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