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Each year the Russian Government provides Botswana citizens with a number of scholarships to study at the expense of state funding in one of Russian universities. The quota for Botswana for the academic year 2021/2022 is yet to be determined. 

For more information about scholarship programs in Russia visit https://education-in-russia.com/how-to-proceed/admission-process.


FIRST, to participate in the competition for a Russian Government scholarship, a candidate should (1) register and create a personal account 
at https://education-in-russia.com/, (2) complete an application form
 and (3) upload all of the following documents:

– printed application form (completed online, printed and then signed and dated by an applicant personally);

– copy of passport;

– copy of education certificate/ diploma. The copy should be certified by the Department of Tertiary Education Financing;

– copy of medical certificate of overall health condition. The certificate must be stamped and signed by a medical superintendent;

– copy of HIV certificate. The certificate must be stamped and signed by a medical superintendent.

The deadline for submitting application and all required documents  is set for March 12

Please note that the original deadline for February 20 has been shifted to March 12.

SECOND, a working group comprising the representatives of the Russian Embassy in Gaborone and the Department of Tertiary Education Financing will select candidates for scholarships according to their application portfolio and within the number of scholarships provided by the Russian Government for Botswana. 

THIRD, the selected candidates are required to upload officially certified translation into Russian of the above mentioned documents  to their application page (personal account) at https://education-in-russia.com/

Please note that translation is made and certified by the Consular Section  of the Russian Embassy (attending hours – Tuesday 09h00-12h00 and Thursday 09h00-12h00). According to Consular Tariffs as for February 2021, one translated page costs 420 BWP. The value of tariffs is not determined by the Embassy, it is established by the Government and applies to all countries likewise.

The deadline for uploading the above mentioned documents  is set for March 31.

LASTLY, universities consider submitted applications.

The results of passing university evaluation will be available in candidate’s personal account at https://education-in-russia.com.

For more information visit https://education-in-russia.com/how-to-proceed/admission-process.


Q: Does a scholarship cover a plane ticket to Russia and other travel related expanses?

A: No, a Russian Government scholarship covers only tuition and accommodation fees. If you are in need of financial support to cover travel expenses, please contact DTEF for more information. 

Q: The studies are in Russian. I don’t know Russian, where can I learn it?

A: Before starting their studies on the chosen bachelor's or master's program, foreign students must graduate from the preparatory faculty at one of Russian universities. The main goal of such courses is to help foreigners master the Russian language so that they can safely continue their studies in Russian at any of the Russian universities. The preparatory faculties program is designed for one academic year. As a rule, training takes place from September to June.

Studies at a preparatory faculty are covered by a scholarship. 

Q: When will I know about my admission? What shall I do next?

A: Normally, students know about a university to which they are admitted in June or July. Sometimes, depending on universities, the process may take longer. The detailed instruction will be available in your personal account at https://education-in-russia.com.

Q: Do I need a visa to go to study in Russia?

A: Yes, to enter Russia, foreigners need a valid passport and a study visa. You shall apply for a study visa at the Embassy. To do this, you must receive an invitation from the host university, which is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

Please note that as for February 18 under the Special Decree by the Russian Government, the issue of Russian study visas is temporary suspended because of the pandemic. When the ban is lifted, you will be able to apply for a visa.