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Notarial services

In accordance with the existing Russian legislation a consular officer is authorized to provide the following notarial services:

1) to certify bargains (including agreements, testaments, powers of attorney), excluding the contracts for alienation of the real estate located on the territory of the Russian Federation and the contracts for alienation or pledge of a share or a part of a share in the registered capital of a society with limited liability, established on the territory of the Russian Federation;

2) to certify authenticity of documents' copies and extracts from them;

3) to certify authenticity of signature on documents;

4) to certify authenticity of translation of documents from one language to another;

5) to certify the fact of person's living;

6) to certify the fact of person's location;

7) to certify identity of a person with the person on the photo;

8) to certify time of documents' presentation;

9) to make sea protests;

10) to take measures on protection of hereditary property;

11) to certify information about people in certain cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

12) to certify authenticity of a visually handicapped person's autographic signature with facsimile reproduction of his/her autographic signature.


Rules of notarial services fulfillment

Notarial acts are implemented only after the payment of consular fee when all necessary documents are presented.

Please, note that notarial acts cannot be implemented in regard to the documents with erasures, subscripts, crossed out words and other corrections (if they are not certified or attested by the signature of an official or by the stamp of the organization which issued theses documents). The documents written by pencil or with unreadable text are not accepted. If a document comprises several pages, they should be numbered and duly fastened.

Consular officer confirms the identity of a person, his/her authorized representative or legal body before implementation of notarial act.

To implement a notarial action in favour of the Russian Federation citizen his/her identity can be confirmed by the foreign or internal passport.

Documents, confirming the identity of foreign citizen, include foreign citizen's passport or any other document determined by the federal law or recognized by the international agreement of the Russian Federation as the identification document.

If the implementation of notarial act contradicts the legislation of the Russian Federation, the consular officer refuses to fulfill such act.

If consular officer refuses to implement notarial act, the applicant has the right to demand an explanation in writing and to request the clarification of appellate procedure.

Please, note, that, according to the Consular Charter of the Russian Federation, the following citizens are exempted from consular fee payment: Heroes of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Heroes of the Russian Federation and full knights of the Order of Glory, participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War, the citizens with the medals "Resident of Leningrad Blockade", the citizens injured due to the accident at Chernobyl atomic power station, as well as due to the other radiological or technological disasters. Valid corresponding certificate is required.