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Russian Diplomacy Day

The art of diplomacy remains the cornerstone of peace-keeping and conflict resolution, tolerance as well as the promotion and maintenance of friendly relations between nations.

Speaking during the Russian Diplomacy Day recently, Dr Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi said though in some cases diplomacy had tended to fail, thus necessitating the use of coercive measures, which unfortunately by their nature were very destructive and had long term unintended consequences.

She said the art of diplomacy also served as the bedrock of the existing friendly relations between Botswana and Russia, which are anchored on the values, mutual respect and the commitment to improve the well being of citizens.

 “Our continued close collaboration at the bilateral and multilateral levels, aimed at strengthening and deepening cooperation between Botswana and Russia, has also lent credence to the diplomatic tact, resilience and negotiation skills of our diplomats,” she said.

She noted that Botswana greatly value the vital support that it continues to receive from Russia, especially in the field of education, health and security, adding that last year, Botswana's diplomats received diplomatic training at Moscow Diplomatic Academy, one of the prestigious diplomatic institutions in the world.

Therefore, Dr Moitoi commended Russia for finding it fit to introduce Diplomacy Day, which she said it afforded an opportunity to pay homage to the diplomats, past and present as well as the families who serve as a pillar of strength for the noble profession.

For his part, Russian Ambassador to Botswana, Mr Victor Sibilev said they positively consider continuity of political dialogue with Botswana, which is appraised in Moscow as one of successfully developing countries in Africa with a stable political situation and dynamic economy.

 “In accordance with the Protocol signed in 2002, we regularly hold political consultations between Foreign Ministries of Russia and Botswana,” he said.

He also noted the Russian government had recently increased the quota of scholarships allocated to high-achieving Botswana students for higher education up to 30.

Mr Sibilev was convinced that the deepening of the two countries' partnership following the time-tested traditions of friendship, equality and mutual respect made Botswana and Russia stronger, more prosperous and resilient to all sorts of challenges.

Meanwhile, the Russian Diplomacy Day was established by a Presidential Decree in 2002 to commemorate the founding of the Russian Diplomatic Service and is marked every year on February 10. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Kabo Keaketswe

Location : GABORONE

Event : Diplomacy Day

Date : Feb 15 Wed,2017