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05 august / 2020

Press Release on the Social Measures of the Government of the Russian Federation to Counter the Negative Effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Upon the surge of coronavirus infection and the imposition of the restrictions to contain its spread in Russia the President of the Russian Federation V.Putin and his Administration made a decision to undertake the social measures to support the citizens, small and medium enterprises .

First of all, Russian citizens entitled to receive social aid of $150 per child from 3 to 16 years old. The transfer does not tax or depend on the number of children. Parents could also have count on the month allowances of $75 per child under 4 years old from April to June 2020. The Government allocated about $3 billion for these purposes.

The unemployment benefits were increased from $20 to $60 with the opportunity to receive additional $40 per child. Moreover, the period of its processing is extended for 3 months. Taking into account the difficulties of the small and medium business, the entrepreneurs failed after March 1, 2020, have gotten the right for unemployment benefits as well.

Moreover, President V. Putin initiated to ease access to housing. Until November 1, 2020, Russian banks offer favourable mortgage rates for residential properties in new buildings which value does not exceed $200 thousand or $100 thousand depending on the region. All bank costs are covered by the Russian Government.

The huge set of social measures is focused on doctors and other frontline workers, such as nurses and ambulance drivers, interacting with Covid-19 patients. In particular, they were provided by the incentive allowances as well as additional insurance guarantees.

In addition, the Russian Government has paid attention to the development of remote interaction between citizens and government bodies or medical organisations via Internet services to avoid unnecessary risk during their personal attendance.

All measures are aimed at overcoming the negative social economic consequences of Covid-19 pandemic and protecting Russian citizens and their health.



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