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27 february / 2019

A big Crimean Tatar family gathering around the tea table

The proclamation of independence of the Republic of Crimea on March 17, 2014 and its reunification with the Russian Federation were conducted on the basis of the direct expression of the will of peninsula's population at the general referendum after the coup d’état in Ukraine in February 2014. In connection with the five-year anniversary of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, an overview of the situation of the Crimean Tatar population of the peninsula is presented.

The Russian Federation continues to take positive steps aimed at protecting the rights of all its nationalities. Crimean Tatar organizations and associations may conduct their activity freely. Their community also continues to be represented in all State bodies of the Republic of Crimea, including the State Council (Crimean Parliament), as well as in the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (Russian Parliament). On February 17, 2018 the Council of the Crimean Tatar People ("Shura") was elected at the extraordinary session of the extended political gathering (Qurultay).

Already at the stage of its establishment the Shura facilitated the organization of Muslim religious holidays, such as Oraza Bairam and Kurban Bairam. The members of the Shura assist in the process of the legalization of religious buildings of Muslims (participate in the solution of the land, architectural and building, planning issues). The decisions to allocate funds of the Federal Target Programme for the construction of new schools are taken by the authorities also on the advice of the Shura. Crimean Tatars continue to actively exercise their right to participate in the governance of the Republic of Crimea directly or through their representatives in other formats.

On the federal level, the President of the regional public organization '"The Community of Crimean Tatars 'lnkishaf " Mr. E.Bilyalov is a member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation. Representatives of the Crimean Tatar civil society receive important posts in Crimean municipal bodies. In December 2018, Mr. Y.Zeilulaev, member of' the Interregional Public Movement “Qirim'", was appointed the deputy head of the captal of Crimea Simferopol.

The presidential Decree dated April 21, 2014, No. 268 continues to provide the basis of support to the national cultural autonomies and public associations and organizations, which includes organizations of Crimean Tatars. Three national cultural autonomics of Crimean Tatars were established in 2016. The two other national cultural autonomies of Crimean Tatars were established in 2018. In particular, local public organization “National cultural autonomy of Crimean Tatars of Kachinsky municipal district of Sevastopol” (June 2018) and local public organization “National cultural autonomy of Crimean Tatars of Orlinovsky municipal district of Sevastopol” (June 2018).

More than 30 registered non-governmental organizations and associations of Crimean Tatars continue to operate in Crimea. They have around 30 000 members. It should be also noted that since June 7, 2018 there have been no cases in Russian courts regarding the prohibition or dissolution of Crimean Tatars' non-governmental organizations. Non-governmental organizations and associations of Crimean Tatars continue to protect and represent the rights of Crimean Tatars. They elaborate recommendations for the effective use of funds allocated for the development of different spheres of social life of Crimea, including through the implementation of governmental projects and programmes.

State organs of the Republic of Crimea actively support and facilitate measures aimed at preservation of the identity of the Crimean Tatar people. Various events are being organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea. In particular, an art exhibition "The works of Crimean painters of the XX century" just recently opened in the Crimean Tatar Museum of cultural and historical heritage in Simferopol. The Republican Festival-Competition or Crimean Tatar music, song and dance was held in November 2018. More than two thousand people from all the regions of Crimea participated in this competition. The Festival has united all talents and all nationalities of the peninsula.

Representatives of the Crimean Tatar community that actively participate in social, cultural and political life of peninsula estimate the current state of affairs in Crimea as follows. Crimean Tatars of the peninsula receive comprehensive support from the Government of Crimea, the Russian Government and the people of the Russian Federation as a whole.


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