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Russian Embassy hosts students

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Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Botswana says Russia’s higher education system is considered to be one of the best in the world, specifically because of its quality, prestige and affordability.

Speaking at a farewell event for 20 Batswana students going to study in Russia, organised by the Russian Federation embassy recently, Mr Victor Sibilev said that Russian higher education was relatively cheaper than in Western Europe and America.

He said distinguished Russian universities offered a wide range of academic programmes of medical, engineering, economic and liberal arts specialties, which had the call in most African countries.

 “We all know that Africa has time-tested educational ties with Russia, established during the Soviet Union times,” he said.

Mr Sibilev further said more than 14 000 Africans studied in Russian universities.

He said 38 per cent of the students studied at the expense of the Russian budget, with the rest receiving education on a commercial basis.

 “Annually Russia assigns about 1 500 budget financed scholarships for African students in various cities and last year, 55 students from Botswana were sent to Russia, including both on state scholarships and contract basis,” said Mr Sibilev.

Mr Sibilev further assured Batswana that development of further partnerships between Botswana and Russia in the sphere of education would remain a key element of the countries’ diplomatic activity.

 “With the valuable support of all stakeholders, including esteemed representatives of the Department of Tertiary Education Financing, the embassy will always be ready to assist those who decide to receive higher education in our country,” he continued.

He said particular attention would be paid to appropriate consular support including visas and notarial services.

Mr Sibilev said he was confident that Russia would not only reveal new educational perspectives for the students going to study in the country, but it would also expand their cultural knowledge as well.

 “Going to another country, to another society is always an exciting experience, not to mention the students’ everyday life,” he said.

He said Russia was a land of a millennial culture and there were plenty of opportunities for leisure in Russia, lots of places to visit and lots of sites of see.

Giving a word of encouragement to students, Dr John Seakgosing, former health minister said he studied and lived in Russia for 10 years.

He thus encouraged students to stay focused and know that they were going to Russia to study and nothing more.

 “Make us proud and always carry yourselves with respect and dignity. If you misbehave they will send you back and this is not peculiar to Russia, it happens the world over,” he said. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Omphile Ntakhwana

Location : GABORONE

Event : Farewell Ceremony

Date : Sep 16 Sun,2018