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Diplomats enhance relations

Daily News


By Audrey Maswabi

Acting Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation has hailed diplomats for sustaining Botswana and Russia relations.

Speaking at Russia Diplomacy Day rceently, Mr Kagiso Mmusi, who is the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, said use of opportunities, peace and development for mutual benefit and cooperation was immeasurable.

“Modern diplomacy is sophisticated and versatile in approach to numerous global 4 challenges in the economic, social and political spheres. Therefore these multifaceted challenges require immense international collaboration, political will, skill and dialogue in the search for comprehensive and common solutions,” he said.

He added that global challenges such as conflicts and instability, poverty, climate change, disease outbreaks could only be addressed through international communities’ collective resolve and cooperation.

“Diplomats remain in the forefront of this endeavor on behalf of their respective countries, people and entire humanity.

Therefore allow me to commend the Russian Federation for celebrating Diplomacy Day, which presents us an opportunity to honour our diplomats, for the frontline role they perform by being there when they are needed,” Mr Mmusi said.

He commended relations that Botswana and Russia continued to enjoy since establishment of diplomatic relations in 1970, particularly in fields such as trade and investment, education, health as well as through various multilateral fora.

Russia ambassador, Mr Victor Sibilev, explained that the Russian Diplomacy Day was associated with the history of the country’s first foreign affairs agency in official chronicles on February 10, 1549 leading to establishment of foreign affairs ministry in 1802.

He said Russia diplomacy always pursued an independent multi-vector foreign policy and aimed at reducing international tensions in the region and entire world.

Last year, Mr Sibilev said, Russia focused on the fight against international terrorism, particularly in Syria, promoting a political process and settling the current Syrians’ humanitarian problems.

He added that his country’s diplomacy had also considerably contributed to efforts to overcome other conflicts in the Middle East and northern Africa, including Libya and Yemen as well as in the Ukraine.

He said to reach qualitative progress in reducing global tensions in 2020, Russia intended to hold the UN permanent members’ summit, a platform where global challenges would be widely discussed.