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01 july / 2020

Interview of Ambassador of the Russian Federation H.E. Victor Sibilev concerning the Nationwide Vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation on July 1, 2020 to newspapers “Daily News” and “Botswana Guardian”

Since June 25 up to July 1, 2020, Nationwide Vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation has been held in Russia. Each of us has gathered here to express personal attitude to the offered changes in the fundamental law and determine the destiny of our country.

Initially the Vote was expected to take place on April 22, but to avoid health risks posed by COVID-19 President V. Putin resolved to postpone this date so that no challenges could prevent from contributing to our common future.

The amendments cover the increase of the minimum wage, pensions, benefits and other social aids, the correlations between the decisions of interstate bodies and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the specific status of the Russian Language as a language of a nation-forming nation as well as the policy protecting the family issues, maternity, paternity, institution of marriage, the historical truth and the future of our country.

Speaking about amendments in general it is necessary to underline that they are prepared in strict accordance with the Russian legislation, international law and the will of our citizens. Foundations of the constitutional order and rights of people will not be touched by these amendments. Moreover, they were first approved by the Legislative Assembly of the 85 federal subjects of the Russian Federation followed by the State Duma and the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Additional information:

If you want to find out the information about amendments in detail, please, use this aide-memoire attached.