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28 november / 2019

Address by H.E. Ambassador Victor I. Sibilev at Friendly Outreach Meeting of BRICS Ambassadors November 28, 2019

Dear colleagues, Ambassadors, High Commissioners, senior diplomats and other distinguished guests,

I am glad to welcome you today at our traditional friendly meeting. Just before Christmas we meet together to share these happy days with our BRICS and African friends. Over the past 10 years, BRICS has achieved serious results and has gained a reputation as a respected association which speaks in favour of strict compliance with the norms of international law. The group accounts for almost a third of the global GDP

at purchasing power parity. Last year BRICS even outperformed G7 on this indicator by 12%.

BRICS is becoming a magnet for many emerging economies, including African ones. This so-called “outreach format” gives the opportunity to the partners to build the fairer world together without expanding the number of BRICS participants.

In July 2018 in Johannesburg African Heads of State and Government were invited to join BRICS leaders to discuss common problems such as equitable multilateral trading system, the role of the World Trade Organisation as its center and the International Monetary Fund reform.

This year on November 13–14 Brasilia hosted the 11th BRICS Summit. The new areas of BRICS cooperation spearheaded by Brazil were the cooperation on science and digital economy; the fight against transnational crime and the rapprochement between the New Development Bank and the BRICS Business Council. I hope my colleague Ambassador Ricardo Diniz will tell about the Summit in Brasilia in detail a bit later.

In 2020, Russia will chair BRICS and continue Brazil’s efforts in implementing the projects approved in recent years. Russia’s motto for its BRICS chairmanship will be BRICS Partnership for Global Stability, Common Security and Innovative Growth.

During its presidency, Russia will certainly pay special attention to expanding foreign policy coordination, showing more initiative in taking the lead at the UN and solving global and regional problems.

Regarding economic cooperation it is planned to suggest updating the Strategy for 2015 BRICS Partnership in Trade and Investment for the next five-year period and promote cooperation in the energy sector and create a BRICS energy research platform. Russia will work to enhance the New Development Bank and the BRICS Pool of Currency Reserves as well as seek to create a BRICS bond fund in our national currencies.

To develop culture and people-to-people ties next year, a series of events will be held in Russia, including festivals, theatre performances, creativity contests for adults and youth.

Dear friends, I sincerely hope that in the next year we will see the cooperation between our countries broaden further for the benefit of our peoples and for peace and stability in the whole world!

Now I am glad to give the floor to the representative of the BRICS Chair His Excellency Ambassador of Brazil Mr Ricardo Diniz.