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Reclamation of documents

To reclaim a document from the Russian Federation an applicant should personally address the request to the Consular Section. It is required to present: 

1) Application form provided by the Consular Section. It should be filled out by electronic typing or legibly by hand with ink of black or dark blue colour. Correction of errors by crossing or with correction tape is not allowed. All available materials, containing additional information about the reclaimed document, should be attached to the application form.

2) Passport's copy.

3) Copy of a document which confirms the relationship or legal representation (when the document is reclaimed by parents or persons, replacing them, in respect of minor children or diseased relatives).

4) Power of attorney certified in due form (when the document is reclaimed by other person, acting on  behalf of the person who has the right to receive the reclaimed document).

The application for reclamation of documents cannot be accepted if the application form is filled out improperly (crossed out words, illegible handwriting, absence of required data about the reclaimed document etc.) or if the consular fee is not paid.

Originals of work record and pension books, military identity cards are not subject to consignment or exportation abroad. When leaving the Russian Federation for residence these documents are submitted to the corresponding organizations and institutions at the place of residence in Russia. On the basis of the information contained in these documents certificates about duration of employment and military service notes are subsequently issued.

Duplicates of certificates of marriage cannot be reclaimed if the marriage is dissolved. Certificates of birth of diseased people cannot be reclaimed as well.

Certificates of birth of minors are reclaimed by their legal representatives.

Certificates of death can be reclaimed by the relatives of diseased person or by legal bodies for official purposes.

Practice shows that reclamation of documents of education from the Russian Federation (certificates, diplomas and extracts from them) is processed much more effectively when the applicants refer directly to respective educational institutions. In this case all expenses related to the search of a personal dossier in archives, document's duplicate production and its certification are defrayed by the applicants.