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15 march / 2005

Universities of the Russian Federation


14, Naberezhnaya Tukhachevskogo
644099 Omsk Russia
E-mail: common@omsk.edu
Rector: Prof. Konstantin A. Churkin

OSPU in brief:

    It was founded in 1932.
    There are 13,000 students here.
    We have 16 schools and 65 departments.
    150 international students study at OSPU annually.
    Faculty totals 800:10%- Professors and Doctors of Science, 65%- PhD.
    We have 37 bachelor programs (75 specializations), 15 master programs and 6 graduate programs.
    There are 4 Doctor of Science councils and 2 PhD councils at OSPU.
    The University has 5 buildings in Omsk, 2 branches in "030 and Novovarchavka, computer class­rooms, reading halls, Health Center, the rest house, the publishing house, the agro biological station and conference-halls.
    Our library consists of paper and electronic educational materials. There are more than 70,000 books and journals in it, 13,500 of the books are represented by international authors in Russian as well as in foreign languages.

Schools and Specializations:

- School of History

- School of Psychology and Pedagogy

- School of Fine Arts

- School of Philology

- School of Chemistry and Biology

- School of Geography

- School of Mathematics

- School of Physics

- School of Computer Science

- School of Pedagogy and Psychology of

- School of Economics and Management

- School of Foreign Languages

- School of Philosophy

- Institute of Further Professional Education
(School of Vocational Training,
School of Enrollment Preparation and Additional Education)

Specializations, OSPU Graduate School:

- Difference Equation

- Mathematical Logics, Algebra and Theory of Numbers

- Botanies

- Zoology

- Histology, Cytology, Cellular Biology

- Development Biology, Embryology

- History of Russia

- Archeology

- Economics and National Economy Management

- Ontology and Theory of Cognition

- Religion Studies, Philosophical Anthropology,
Philosophy of Culture

- Russian Literature

- Foreign Literature

- Folkloristics

- Russian

- Germanic Languages

- - Comparative-Historical, Typological,
Contrastive Linguistics

- General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education

- Theory and Methods of Teaching and Up-Bringing
(Computer Science)

- Theory and Methods of Teaching and Up-Bringing
(Informatization of Education)

- Theory and Methods of Teaching and Up-Bringing

- Theory and Methods of Teaching and Up-Bringing
(general technical disciplines)

- Theory and Methods of Teaching and Up-Bringing

- Theory and Methods of Teaching and Up-Bringing

- Theory and Methods of Teaching and Up-Bringing

- Theory and Methods of Professional Education

- Pedagogical Psychology

- Economical, Social and Political Geography

- Geo-Computer Science

Specializations, OSPU Doctorate School:

- History of Russia

- Ontology and Theory of Cognition

- Russian Literature

- General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education

- Theory and Methods of Teaching and Up-Bringing (Computer Science in high school, community colleges and higher educational institutions)

- Theory and Methods of Teaching and Up-Bringing
(Mathematics in high school, community colleges
and higher educational institutions)

Main Scientific Disciplines:

- Philosophy

- History of Russia

- Folkloristics

- - Algebra

- - Geo-Computer Science

- - Zoology

- - Environmental Studies

- Pedagogy and Methods of Teaching

Dissertation Councils in:

- Philosophy

- Pedagogy

- Methods of Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science

- History

- Biology

- - Methods of Teaching Art

Master Program:

- Biological Education

- Education in Environmental studies

- Geographical Education

- Mathematical Education

- Historical Education

- Psychology of Development

- IT in Philological Education

- Literary Education

- Computer Science in Education

- Physical Education

- Law Education

- Social Pedagogy

- Psychological Services in Education

- Higher Education

- Organizational Psychology in Education

Programs for international students and tuition fees:

  • Preparatory Courses for Russian Language;
  • Undergraduate Program;
  • Master Program;
  • Graduate Program;
  • Summer School for Russian language.

Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL):

Every foreign student is allowed to take a test of Russian as a foreign language. In a case of a successful performance, a student is given an adequate state certificate. The test has six levels of difficulty.

The documents necessary to enter OSPU:

  • An intention letter to the president of OSPU;
  • Official copies of graduation documents;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Biography;
  • 6 photos 3x4.

Living conditions:

Single and two-bed rooms in the international block of OSPU residence hall.

Division of International Cooperation:

Tel./Fax: 007 (3812) 24-37-95
E-mail: common@omsk.edu

Automobile and Highway

5, Prospect Mira
644080 Omsk Russia
Rector: Prof. Viktor A. Salnikov

SibADI in brief:

It was established in 1930 and has developed into a large educational, research and scientific complex in the field of highway and civil engineering as well as mechanical engineering and computer technologies in Russia.

Students are trained in 31 specializations and 2 bachelor part-time and full-time programs delivered at 6 schools.

Graduate School was established in 1947. Nowadays students are trained in 5 scientific fields, in 27 graduate and 3 doctor both full-time and part-time programs.

Scientists of SibADI carry on research on the academy profile including research on problems of energy saving technologies, alternatives energy engineering, transport systems of towns, cities and regions, new construction materials, durability of machines and mechanisms, usage of information technologies in a struggle against terrorism.

Schools of SibADI:

- «Automobile transport»

- «Highways and bridges»

- «Civil engineering institute»

- «Transport and technological machines»

- «Informational systems in management»

- «Economics and management»

Graduate and Doctorate School programs:

- Dynamics, and Machines, Instruments,
Apparatus Durability

- Ecology

- Engineering geometry and computer graphics

- Material study

- Machine study, machine elements and driving systems

- Friction and machine wear

- Machines, units and processes (transport, engineering)

- Standards and quality management;

- Heat engines

- Caterpillar and wheel machines

- Road and construction machines

- Instruments and methods of environment,
materials, production control

- System analysis, information management and processing
(transport, engineering)

- Automation and control of technological processes and production

- Industrial energy engineering

- Automobile transport maintenance

- Engineering structures and buildings

- Construction materials and structures

- Technology and organization of industrial
and civil construction

- Design and construction of roads, subways,
aerodromes, bridges and transport tunnels

- Engineering mechanics

- Economical theory

- Economics and economy management

- Theory and methods of physical education,
sport training, recreational and adaptive
physical training,

- Theory and methods of vocational training

- Geodesy

- Airspace Earth investigation

- Photometry

Dissertation Councils:

  • Road and Construction Machines;
  • Constructions and Buildings; Technology and Organization of
  • Industrial and Civil construction; Design and Construction of
  • Roads, Subways, Aerodromes, Bridges and Transport Tunnels;
  • Economics and Economy Management.

SibADI offers programs for students, Graduate school and Doctorate school programs. Admission to the Graduate and Doctorate schools: annually from the 1-15th September. Tuition fees: 2500 USD per year. Accommodation: rooms in a dormitory.

Admission Requirements:

  • Application form filled in;
  • Certificate of the state centralized testing (or equivalent);
  • Identity card stating citizenship (passport);
  • 6 photos 2.5x3.3";
  • State document of education (diploma, certificate) either original or notarized copy;
  • Health certificate.

Division of International Cooperation:
Tel./Fax: 007 (3812) 65-07-55
E-mail: zavyalov_am@sibadi.org

named after
F.M. Dostoevskiy

55a, Prospect Mira
644077 Omsk-77 Russia
Rector: Gennadiy I. Gering

OSU in brief:

Founded in 1974.
13 000 students.
13 Schools and 72 Departments.
800 Professors and teachers.
2 Doctor of Science councils and 5 PhD councils.
Graduate school in 49 specializations.
There is a Vocational Training Centre, Curricula Development Center, Center for Business Education, Internet-center, Linguistic Center, Entertainment Center, Scientific Library, Publishing Office.

OSU Departments and Specializations:

School of Mathematics

- Mathematics

- Applied Mathematics and computer science

School of Physics

- Physics

- Medical physics

- Fundamental radio physics and physical electronics

- Applied mathematics and physics

School of Chemistry

- Chemistry

- Technologie of natural energy resources

School of law

- Jurisprudence

School of Economics

- Economic theory

- Labor economics

- Finance and credit

- Accounting, analysis, audit

- National and regional administration

- Organisation management

- Human resource management

- Taxes and taxation

School of Foreign Languages

- Theory and methods of foreign languages and cultures teaching

- Translation and theory of translation

School of History

- History

- Museum science

- Politology

- Regional studies

- Social work

- Social anthropology

- Sociology

School of Computer Sciences

- Computing machineries, systems and nets

- Computer security

School of International Business

- Marketing

- International economics

- Publicity

- Economics

School of Psychology

- Psychology

- Social psychology

School of Culture and Art

- Socio-cultural activity

- Stage and direction of festivals

- Instrumental performance

- Music education

- Dramatic art

- Music art

- Amateur and folk arts

- Cinema-photo-video art

School of Theology and World Cultures

- Theology

- Culturology

School of Philology

- Philology

- Journalism

- Public relations

- Publishing and redaction

- Library-knowledge and Bibliography

OSU Doctorate School (Specializations):

- History of Russia

- Ethnography, ethnology and anthropology

- Economic theory

- Economics and management of the national economy

- The Russian Language

2 Doctor of Science Councils:

- Economics and management of the national economy

- Russian language and Russian Literature

5 PhD Councils:

- Mathematics

- Physics

- Philosophy

- History

- Jurisprudence

Extra programs for international students:

  • Russian as a Foreign Language, with issuing the State Certificate to enter the institution of higher education;
  • Graduate School;
  • Summer Language School.

OSU Admission Requirements:

  • Applicant has to provide State Certificate of secondary (full) education or secondary professional education if it contains the note of secondary (full) education.
  • Applicant can bring his documents personally or send by post. Applicant has to provide the State certificate of secondary (complete) education or its notary certified copy, 6 photos 3x4 and passport. International students have to provide all the documents translated, the Certificate of secondary education must be approved by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation.
  • Application deadline for the all forms of study (full-time, extra-mural and evening) is July.
    NIS citizens can get free education at the University in case they successfully passed all the entrance examinations. International students from the other countries can be admitted only on the chargeable base.
    Rooms in the students' dormitory are provided for foreign students.

Contact Information:

Information about tuition fees Financial Office

Tel. 007 (3812) 67-13-98
Fax: 007 (3812) 22-36-41

Entrance Committee

Tel. 007 (3812) 22-97-72, 22-98-05

Center of Russian as a Foreign Language. International Office

Tel./Fax: 007 (3812) 28-55-81

Training center for prospective students

Tel. 007 (3812) 22-97-63
Tel. 007 (3812) 26-97-99

Graduate School

Tel. 007 (3812) 22-97-66

644077, Omsk-77, 55a, Prospect Mira


2, Institutskaya Square
644008 Omsk Russia
E-mail: adm@omgau.ru
Rector: Prof. Nikolai M. Kolychev

OSAU in brief:

Founded ....................

in 1918

Faculty ........................

more than 800 specialists (incl. 80 Professors and Doctors of Science, 400 PhD)

Students ....................

more than 10,370

Schools ......................


Departments .............


Educational programs .

26 (4 BSc programs, 37 PhD programs)

Dissertation councils ..


University facilities ......

8 study buildings in Omsk, a branch in the town of "030, 4 computer laboratories, a health center,
a cultural center, a publishing house, 3 experimental farms, 11 scientific laboratories, conference halls,
a library (incl. more than 800,000 paper and electronic books and journals)


- Agricultural Science

- School of Agrochemistry, Soil Science and Environmental Studies

- School of Water Resource Engineering

- The Humanities

- School of Mathematics and Social Studies

- School of Agricultural Engineering

- School of Dairy Production Technology

- Institute of Economics and Finance

- Institute of Land Use Planning and Cadastre

- Institute of Veterinary Medicine:

- School of Veterinary Medicine

- School of Animal Husbandry

- School of Commodity Quality Control

- Institute of Part-time and Continued Education

Specializations, Graduate School:

Biological Sciences

- Biochemistry

- Zoology

- Ichthyology

- Physiology and Biochemistry of plants

- Physiology

- Parasitology

Engineering Sciences

- Technology of Meat, Dairy, Fish Products and Refrigeration Production

- Processes and Machines for Food Production

- Technologies of Agricultural Engineering

- Exploitation of Agricultural Machines

- Water Supply, Sewerage System,
Construction Systems of Water Resource Protection

- Hydraulic Device and Engineering Hydrology

Agricultural Science

- General Land Management

- Melioration, Recultivation and Land Protection

- Soil Science, Agrophysics

- Agronomy

- Selection and Seed Production

- Horticulture and Viticulture

- Plant Breeding

- Plant Protection

- Cattle Breeding, Selection and Genetics

- Livestock Feeding and Forage Technology

- Applied Animal Husbandry, Technology of Livestock Production

Land Science

- Hydrogeology

- Land Use Planning, Cadastre and Land Monitoring

- Land Hydrology, Water Resources, Hydrochemistry

- Geodesy

Economic Science

- Economy

- Accounting, Statistics

Philosophical Sciences

- Ontology and Epistemology

Veterinary Science

- Disease Diagnostics and Livestock Therapy

- Pathology, Oncology and Livestock Morphology

- Veterinary Microbiology, Virology, Epizootology,
Mycology with Micotoxicology and Immunology

- Veterinary Pharmacology with Toxicology

- Veterinary Surgery

- Veterinary Sanitary, Ecology, Zoohygiene and Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise

- Veterinary Obstetrics and Biotechnology of Animal Multiplication

Main Scientific Disciplines:

- Physiology

- Parasitology

- Technology of Meat, Dairy and Fish Products and Canning of Fish

- Technologies of Agricultural Engineering

- Problems of Land Management, Land Use Planning,
Land cadastre of the Western Siberia under Modern Conditions

- General Land Management

- Melioration, Recultivation and Land Protection

- Soil Science, and Agrophysics

- Agricultural Science

- Selection and Seed Production

- Horticulture and viticulture

- Plant Breeding

- Plant Protection

- Cattle Breeding, Selection and Genetics

- Livestock Feeding

- History of the Liberal Education Development
in the System of Agroindustrial Complex
in the Western Siberia (Omsk region)

- Russian history

- Economy

- Ontology and Epistemology

- Disease Diagnostics and Livestock Therapy

- Pathology, Oncology and Livestock Morphology,

- Veterinary Microbiology, Virology,
Epizootology, Mycology with Micotoxicology and Immunology

- Veterinary Pharmacology

- Veterinary Surgery

- Veterinary Obstetrics

Dissertation Councils:

Agricultural Science

- General Land Management

- Soil Science

- Selection and Seed Production

- Plant Breeding

Agricultural Science

- Livestock Feeding and Forage Technology

- Applied Animal Husbandry, Technology of Livestock Production

Biological Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

- Pathology, Oncology and Livestock Morphology

- Veterinary Microbiology, Virology, Epizootology,
Mycology with Immunobiology

Biological Sciences

- Human and Animal physiology

Specializations for Postdoctoral Education:

- General Land Management

- Agrochemistry


Admission Requirements:

  • An intention letter to the Rector of OSAU;
  • Official copies of graduation documents;
  • Medical certificate;
  • 6 photos 3x4.


Single and double rooms in the international section of OSAU dormitory.

Contact Information:
Office of International Relations
Tel./Fax: 007 (3812) 65-10-72
E-mail: adm@omgau.ru


11, Prospect Mira
644050 Omsk Russia
E-mail: inter@omgtu.ru

Rector: Prof. Nikolay S. Zhilin

OSTU in brief:

It was founded in 1942.

It has become one of the leading educational institutions in the Western Siberian Region.

It is alma mater for thousands of professionals who work now at industrial enterprises of Siberian region.

Over 11 thousand students study at schools of our University mastering their knowledge at 60 different specializations and continue their education at OSTU Graduate School.

There are over 50 Doctors of Science and 360 PhD Faculty members working at the University that gives an opportunity to make progress
in Mechanical-Engineering, Machine-building, Automation and Information technology, Radio-Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Printing technology, Thermal Energy, Aerospace, Refrigerating machines Cryogenics, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy keeping good links with industry introducing modem systems and innovative technologies in our life.

Diploma: Engineer.

Duration of study: 5 years.

Schools and Specializations:

Aero-Space School

- Standardization and Certification

- Rocket Engines

- Aircraft Engines and Energy Plants

- Rocket Construction

- Airplane and Helicopter Construction

- Launching and Technical Complexes of Rockets and Space Vehicles

- Environment Protection (in Mechanical Engineering)

- Fueling Systems of Launchers

- Dynamics and Strength

Thermal Energy School

- Thermal Electrical stations

- Industrial Power System

- Engineering and Physics of Low Temperatures

Machine Building Institute

- Technology in Mechanical Engineering

- Metal-cutting Machines and Tools

- Hydraulic machines, Hydro-drives and Hydro-pneumatics

- Safety of Processes and manufacturing

- Maintenance and Services for Automotive Transport,
Technological and Transport Machines and Equipment

- Machines and Technology in Foundry Manufacturing

- Machines and Technology of Processing of Metals by Pressure

- Equipment and Technology in Welding Manufacturing

- CAD/CAM Systems

Chemical-Polygraphic School

- Polygraphic Machines and Automated Complexes

- Technologies of Polygraphic Manufacture

- Environment Protection and Rational use of Natural Resources

- Advertising

- Design

Electro Technical School

- Power Supplies (on branches)

- Information Measuring Engineering and Technologies

- Electric Equipment of Enterprises

- Industrial Electronics

- Applied Informatics in Electrical Engineering of Enterprises

Automation School

- Information Systems in Economy

- Instrument making

- Automation of Technological Processes and production

- Mechatronics

- Computers, Systems and Networks

- Automated Systems of Information Processing and Control

Humanities School

- Social Work

- Personal Management

- Public Relations

- History and Archives

- Publishing and editing

- Labor Psychology

Petrochemical Institute

- Machines and Equipment for Chemical Manufacturing
and for Hutting Production Enterprises

- Chemical Technologies of Organic Substances

- Vacuum and Compressor Engineering of Physical Installations

Economics and Management School

- Economics and Management at the Enterprise
(Mechanical Engineering)

- Economics and Management at the Enterprises (Trade and Public Catering)

- Economics and Management at the Enterprise
(Electric Power Industry)

- Management

- Marketing

- Municipal and State Governance

- Labor Economics

Radio Engineering School

- Instruments and Methods of Quality control and Diagnostics

- Radio Engineering

- Design and Technology of Radio Electronic Equipment

- Mobile Communication

- Electronics for Manufacture

- Information Security

Graduate School Programs:

- Difference Equations

- Mathematical Simulation, Numerical Methods and Program Complexes

- Dynamics, Strength of Machines, Instruments and Equipment

- Engineering Geometry

- Study of Materials (in industry)

- Study of Machines, Systems of Drives
and Machine Parts Friction and Wear in Machines

- Mechanical Engineering Technology

- Machines and Aggregates of Polygraph Production

- Theory of Mechanisms and Machines

- Technologies and Machines of Pressure Treatment

- Technologies and Machines of Welding Production

- Machines and Apparatuses,
Processes of Refrigerating and Cryogenic Engineering,
Systems of Conditioning and Life-Support

- Vacuum, Compressor Engineering
and Pneumatic Systems Foundry Production

- Physics of a Condensed Matter

- Physics of Low Temperatures

- Thermal Physics and Theoretical Thermal

- Physical Chemistry

- Industrial Power Systems

- Aerodynamics and Processes of Heat Exchange of Flight Vehicles

- Designing, Construction and Production of Flight Vehicles

- Instruments, System and Units of Medical Purposes Antennas,
Microwave Units and Technologies Radio Engineering,
Including System and Instruments for Radio-navigation,
Radar-Location and Television

- Computer Graphics

- Systems Analysis, Control and Information Processing

- Elements and Units of Computers and Control Systems

- Automation and Control of Technological Processes
and Productions (in an industry)

- Systems of Automation and Design (in industry)

- Computers and Computer Systems

- Economic Theory

- Economics and Management in National Economy

- History of Russia

- Archives, Resources and Methods of Research in History

- Ontology and Theory of Knowledge Philosophy and History of Religion,
Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture

- Social Philosophy

- German Languages

- Theory and Methods of Physical Education, Sports Training,
Hearth and Adaptive Physical Culture

- Economic Sociology and Demography

- Social Structure, Social Institutes and Processes

- Sociology of Management

- Theory and History of Culture

- Electro-mechanics and Electrical Apparatuses

- Electro-technical Complexes and Systems

- Theoretical Electrical Engineering

- Instruments and Methods of Measurement of Electrical
and Non-Electrical Values

- Radio-measuring Instruments,
Instruments and Methods of Environment Control,
Substances, Materials and Units

- Control and Testing of Flight Vehicles and Their Systems Dynamics,
Ballistics, Remote Control of Flight Vehicles Motion

Admission Requirements: Certificate of secondary education (in language of the country)

Main language(s) of instruction: Russian

Contact Information:

Department of International Cooperation
Tel./Fax: 007 (3812) 65-64-92
E-mail: inter@omgtu.ru


35, Prospect Marksa
644046 Omsk Russia
E-mail: omgups@omgups.ru
http: //www.omgups.ru
Rector: Prof. Ilkham I. Ghaliev

OSTU in brief:

Founded in 1900.
The number of students amounts to over 7,000.
8 schools and 26 departments.
Undergraduates and post-graduates from North Korea, China, Mongolia, professors and students from Austria and Germany.
The faculty consists of 400 specialists. 13% are Doctors of Sciences and Professors, 50% - PhD and Assistant Professors.
Students can obtain a Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree, a PhD, a Doctorate degree.
OSTU has its branch in Taiga of Kemerovo region; representations in Karasuk of Novosibirsk region and Petropavlovsk (Kazakh Republic).
There are 4 academic buildings, working railway equipment training ground, 5 dormitories, a dining-hall, a polyclinic, a culture and entertainment complex, sports complex.
The University library is the methodical center of Omsk universities libraries. The library has the electronic catalog and uses up-to-date information technologies.

Schools and Specializations:

School of Mechanics

- Transport Engineering and Rolling Stock Repair Technology

- Cars

- Devices and Monitoring of Quality and Diagnostics

- Standardization and Certification

Institute of Automation, Telecommunications
and Information Technologies

- Automation,Telemechanics and Communication at Railway Transport

- Information Systems and Technologies

- Control and Computer Science in Engineering Systems

- Computing Machines, Complexes, Systems and Networks

- Information Safety of Telecommunication Systems

School of Heat-and-Power Engineering

- Heat-and-Power Engineering

- Locomotives

School of Electromechanics

- Railways Power Supply

- Electric Railway Transport

Institute of Management and Economy

- World Economy

- Finance and Crediting

- Organizational Management

- Marketing

- Quality Control

- Public Relations

- Social and Cultural Service

- Tourism

- Commerce

Institute of Vocational Training

Distance Learning

School of Enrollment Preparation

Main Scientific Disciplines:

- Rolling Stock Efficiency and Reliability Increase

- Rolling Stock Units and Components Restoration
and Repair Enhancement

- Railway Traffic Safety Increase

- Energy and Resource-saving Technologies and Equipment

- Electric Railways Power Supply Systems Improvement

- Effective Automation, Telemechanics and Communication Devices Maintenance and Diagnostic Technologies Development

More Offers from OSTU:

  • Russian Language Courses - 20 hours a week (10-month courses (September-June) -1,200 USD; terminal courses (September-January; February-June) - 700 USD; individual teaching and consultations -14 USD per hour).
  • 10-month training for entrance examinations (September-June). Tuition -1,500 USD (Russian Language - 18 hours a week; Mathematics - 4 hours a week; physics - 4 hours a week).
  • Bachelor's degree, Certified Specialist. Tuition fees: 2,000 USD per year.
  • Graduate School - 3 years (September-June). Tuition fees: 2,500 USD per year.
  • Accommodation. The dormitories are located close to the University. The monthly rent:
    - room for two - 60 USD (per person);
    - room for three - 50 USD (per person).

The University Administration:

  • - Rector - Ilkham I. Galiyev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, tel./fax: 007 (3812) 31-42-19.
  • - Pro-Rector of Studies - Alexander I. Volodin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, tel.: 007 (3812) 31-06-00.
  • - Pro-Rector of Scientific Research - Vasily T. Cheremisin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, fax: 007 (3812) 31-16-27.

Contact information:
Send your enquiries in relation to Russian Language Courses and Studies at OSTU to the International Department of OSTU
"5l./f0E: 007 (3812) 31-42-13
E-mail: umu@omgups.ru; SerkovaLE@omgups.ru
http: //www.omgups.ru

of Foreign Languages

99, Bulatova Street
644099 Omsk Russia
E-mail: injaz_omsk@mail.ru
Rector: Prof. Vladimir S. Pashkin, PhD

OSTU in brief:

It was founded in 1993.

The major is “Linguistics and Intercultural Communication”, specialization is “Translation and Theory of Translation”, the degree qualification is “The Specialist in Linguistics and Translation”.

It is the Honorary Member of the Society of Translators of Russia.

The faculty is composed of 10,8% of Professors and Doctors of Science, and 57% of PhD.

Creative Translation Workshop led by the Honorary Member of the Society of Translators of Russia, Eugene Feldman.

It is the member of the Cognitive Linguistics Association.

Satellite TV broadcasts television programs of the major European channels.

The partners of the Institute are the: Institute of Oral and Written Translators of the State University of Tryest (Italy), Cambridge College (Great Britain), The Ministry of Tourism and Education of Malta, the German cultural centre “Karitas”.

Functions the net of the cable institute television.

Functions electronic linguistic laboratory connected to the satellite television.

Provide the scholarship for foreign students.

Student Center is the "living room" of the Institute, "Bureau of Translating Services" is the center of professional experience, the student entertainment group "Tolmachi" cares about the leisure activities, there are professional traditions and the celebration of the Day of the Translator.

Fieldwork in travel agencies, at the factories and plants, television channel "Salute", abroad.

The other structures of the Institute are Open Television College of Foreign Languages «In.jaz-Omsk», the School of Translators «In.jaz-Omsk»providing vocational training, the language courses (as a secondary language) «In.jaz-Omsk».

Admission Requirements:

  • An intention letter to the Rector of the Institute;
  • Copies of the graduation certificates;
  • Medical certificate;
  • 6 photos 3x4;
  • Passport information;
  • For the young men - soldier paper information.

Contact Information:
Omsk Institute of Foreign Languages «In.jaz-Omsk»
Tel./ Fax: 007 (3812) 25-54-20; 007(3812)24-67-85; 007(3812)24-01-11
E-mail: injaz_omsk@mail.ru