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Russian Embassy in Botswana celebrates Victory day

Daily News


By Keonee Kealeboga

The Russian embassy recently joined fellow countrymen back home and elsewhere in the world to mark the end of World War II, which falls on May 9.

Russian ambassador to Botswana Mr Viktor Sibilev, who was speaking at a ceremony to mark victory over Germany during World War II, described May 9 as a sacred day for the Russian population, particularly since the country suffered heavy losses during the war.

Mr Sibilev said with a death toll of 27 million, comprising seven million soldiers and 20 million civilians, the end of WWII would forever remain a key feature of Russia’s history as many men and women laid down their lives to secure the country’s future.

The war, he said, was undoubtedly a period of sorrow for Russia as its people had to endure untold suffering, whose effects did not go away the moment it ended.

He commended Botswana for the role it had played in the war, saying Batswana, mostly young men, fought bravely and heroically in the war and 300 lost their lives.

An embassy staff member, Mr Sattavoc Favhod, said the Russian soldiers who died in the war would always be remembered for their heroic deeds and that the role they had played in making Russia what it was would remain etched in the minds of the people of Russia.

Members of the Russian community who attended the event also watched a video clip of Russia’s president Mr Vladimir Putin delivering the day’s message.