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14 may / 2007

Russian Educational Exhibition STUDY IN RUSSIA - 2007

On May 14, 2007 in the capital of the Republic of Botswana was held an official opening ceremony of the two-day educational exhibition “Study in Russia – 2007”, which was organized by the representation of the Russian-African Centre of University Services (RACUS) in Botswana with the help of the Russian Embassy in Botswana.

The information materials on the Russian system of higher education and on some of the well-known universities and institutions were presented at the exhibition. The visitors could also receive the detailed information on the specialties, the enroll and study process.

After the independence thousands of Africans have received their education in the USSR and now in Russia. At present many of them occupy leading positions in the government, parliament, army and business. They are working as engineers, doctors, teachers, lawyers. Suffice to say that among the graduates of Russian universities are the leaders of a number of Southern African countries – from Angola to the Republic of South Africa.

The Russian Federation continues to be one of the worlds’ recognized leaders in the field of tertiary education which is a complete system, consisting of more than 600 state universities and specialized institutions with around 5 million people studying there.

Russian university education gives students a unique chance to choose from more than 500 specialties which are in a great demand all over the world. Among them are medicine, engineering, economics, management, political science, computer science, information technologies and others.

Russian tertiary education system also gives students the chance to get acquainted with the achievements of the world science, to establish ties and contacts with the best specialists from many countries of the world.

The person who arrives in Russia to study will not feel himself lonely – more than 100 thousand foreign students from more than 200 countries of the world study at the leading universities and institutions of the country. At present around one hundred young people from Botswana study in Russian universities.

According to the organizers, the popularity of the exhibition exceeded the expectations. Besides the great number of potential students there participated the representatives of political and business communities, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Botswana, other organizations and journalists.