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16 march

Press release on Annual Report of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation on the state of civil society in Russia


The Cover of the 2019 Report

Annually the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation issues the report on the state of civil society in Russia which reflects the results of discussions and expert work of its members. The Civic Chamber, as the central institution of organized national society is eager to give a quick response to the current public agenda, and conduct long-term systemic projects in the field of public control. It is a collective public body, composed of 168 members working on equal terms, with their own experience in public activities and understanding of the tasks in the development of civil society, various matters and positions are often viewed differently or even oppositely.

The most important component of “feedback” with society is citizens’ petitions. Annually the Chamber receives up to 30,000 petitions, and all of them are taken into consideration in relevant commissions. In some cases, results are achieved immediately by sending a request to the authority and indicating the level of public attention to the problem, in others it’s necessary to carry out additional monitoring and discussions.

Public hearings on the country’s most significant matters and expertise of the most important bills held by the Chamber are practical and action-oriented. Such public events, being a form of public control by law, are aimed at preparing recommendations for the responsible authorities and a systematic approach for legislatives or law enforcement bodies. A systematic solution is always the result of efforts of many people and organizations, and painstaking work with regulatory documents. The results of these discussions strongly reflect the current state of civil society, estimate the most acute social problems, and ways to solve them.

“Community” forums held annually by the Civic Chamber have proven themselves to be one of the leading sites for discussing such problems, as well as the most important matters of national socio-economic development. The main participants in forums are representatives of non-profit organizations, civic chambers and councils, experts, and representatives of federal and regional authorities. In 2019, forums were held in the North Caucasus, Far East, North-West, and Central Federal Districts of the Russian Federation.

Each of these forums was dedicated to considering one relevant topic in the development of civil society. The final forum in Moscow attracted more than 3,000 people, and made it possible to examine the entire field of civil activities and go through in detail new priorities for a dialog between society, government, and business in 2020.

Materials for special reports and public discussions at the Civic Chamber, or during field sessions and “Community” forums, monitoring, expert surveys, and public expertise constitute the problematic basis of this Annual Report.

The whole text of the report and more details could be found at the link:

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