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26 april / 2019

“Holy war of the great nation” 1941-1945

On the 22nd of June, 1941, at 12 pm the whole country was listening to the speech
of the Minister of Interior of the USSR, who informed the people
about the German aggression

Tank regiment of the Stalin Military academy of mechanization and motorization before being sent to the frontlines. Moscow, June 1941

On the 8th of September 1941 Leningrad was surrounded. It was breached on the 18th of January 1943. When the blockade kicked in Leningrad had insufficient amount of food and fuel. The only way of communication with the city was Ladoga Lake, through which lay the Road of Life – road which were used to deliver cargo with food and fuel

The Moscow counteroffensive of the Soviet armed forces began in December 1941. The Red army managed to disrupt the German Blitzkrieg plan, with German forces driven back fr om the Capital

The Battle of Stalingrad is one of the greatest battles of the Second World War
and the Great Patriotic War between the Red army and Wehrmacht.
It lasted from 17th of July to 2nd of February 1943.

After the battle King of Great Britain George VI presented
as a sign of deep admiration for the British people the sword with the inscription
"Citizens of Stalingrad, strong as steel"

Battle of Kursk (5th July – 23rd August 1943).
The offense of the 5th Guards Tank Army near Prokhorovka

The Sicilian operation or Operation Husky (09.07.1943 – 17.08.1943) was a World War II operation, during which the Allied forces defeated the troops of the Axis countries (Italy, Germany) located in Sicily and captured the island. Botswana suffered losses in the amount of 300 people.

The Banner of Victory above the Reichstag, Berlin, 1945

Act of unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany was signed near Berlin on the 8th of May 1945, 23:43 CET (00:43 GMT+3). Due to this difference Europeans celebrate this day on the 8th of May, while USSR and Russia celebrates it on the 9th of May

On the night of May 9 people were not sleeping. At 2:10 am Soviet radio speaker Yuriy Levitan read the Act of military capitulation of the Nazi Germany and the Decree of the Soviet Supreme Council, that declared the 9th of May a Victory Day.

From the memoirs of military correspondent A. Ustinov: “I took a camera and went outside. People were leaving their homes. They were congratulating each other with long-waited Victory. Banners appeared. More and more people went to the Red Square, wh ere spontaneous demonstration took place. Happy faces, songs, dances. In the evening there was a salute: thirty rounds from thousand guns in honor of the Great Victor"