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Delegates condemn fake news

Daily News


By Daphne Motswakae

Delegates attending the 2nd International Forum on “Development of Parliamentarism” have condemned dissemination of fake news.

The 800 legislators and experts from over 130 countries stated that false, distorted and fabricated news disrupted the social order and impacted negatively on people’s minds.

Such news, they said, was costly because states had to divert funds to rebut such reports.

Furthermore, they argued that fake news was used to incite conflicts among states and called for the formulation of legislation to address it.

Delegates pointed out that false news infringed on individual rights hence the need to act.

The forum further asked legislators to safeguard public sphere against such news.

They also requested self regulation for journalists and the establishment of facts checking websites.

In addition, they called for cooperation in addressing  dissemination of fake news and other challenges bedevilling the world such as drug abuse, terrorism, human trafficking, corruption and illegal migration.

Earlier, welcoming delegates during the first plenary session of the three-day event, which kicked off on July 1, chairperson of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Mr Vyacheslav Volodin emphasised the need for law makers to collaborate in fighting the world threats and find lasting legislative solutions to global challenges.

Mr Volodin said through constructive communication, legislators could increase efficiency of interaction on issues requiring joint decisions.

He said the forum provided an opportunity for legislators to communicate freely and build trust and understanding on issues affecting the world.

Mr Volodin called on delegates to protect digital sovereignty and contribute positively to peaceful resolutions of conflicts.

During roundtable sessions, participants’ discussed the role of parliaments in fighting poverty and inequality as well as the role of youth in the development of parliamentarism.

Delegates declared their readiness in expanding the exchange of legislative experience in areas of trade and investment and making Africa prosperous and secure.